Supernatural is my life & what I mainly blog about. I have been a Dean girl since day one (10years and counting) I love Jensen more than life itself. I am also a Cas girl and so in love with Misha too. I am definitely a Destiel/Cockles girl for life. I also LOVE The Vampire Diaries/The Originals... I love Cas, Dean, Sam, Crowley, Damon, Klaus & Elijah. My OTP is Destiel and Cockles (I love them both so much) I also ship Delena, Winstiel, J2M, Sastiel, Dalaric, Kalijah, Wincest, Calthazar, Sabriel and so many more... I always respect all ships and this is a totally hate free blog. I love making new friends, especially those who love the same things I do - I am really into fanfic right now, I have written a few and if you have fanfic message me a link so I can check it out *~*~*~*~*Lifetime member of: ~*~*~*~*~Team Free Will~*~*~*~~*~*~* Team Destiel~*~TeamDamon~*~Team Badass~

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Well, I say since they stare at each other for even longer than 6 seconds, and they constantly do it, they don’t want to kill each other or just have sex, THEY WANT TO HAVE KILLER SEX!

Best of Destiel           Eye sex (Part 1/∞)

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Please go check her out & follow her amazing blog—> cuddleswithcas


You guys rock, I love all of you and I hope to do more shout outs because you all deserve one, and we are one big amazing fandom 

#their faces lol #it is impossible to get a good screen shot #damn I wish I got a better one of Jensen’s abs/hips #hot #I wish they had more of them wrestling around on the show

#holy fucking shit #like can you even imagine being this actress #omfg that would just be…I can’t even….#like having Jensen’s arm around you #and fucking laying on him #and fucking ripping his clothes off as he is kissing you with those incredible lips #and you get to run your fingers down that amazing back and all over his chest #and fuck look how she runs her hands over his nipples #holy fucking shit I would love to play Dean’s hook up on spn #I would love to be married to Jensen even more #jfc Danneel is so damn lucky #but really can you imagine hot sex with him then sleeping with him then waking up laying across that incredible man and then having sex the rest of the day # omfg there would be no more spn if I was married to him because I would NEVER let him leave the bedroom (unless it was to go have sex somewhere else)

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