Supernatural is my life & what I mainly blog about. I have been a Dean girl since day one (10-years and counting) I love Jensen more than life itself. I really love everything about the show and the actors. Destiel/Cockles is the Motherfucking OTP, I also really love Padackles (J2). I love Misha/Cas & Sam/Jared too, but Jensen will always be my #1 all time favorite person, and Dean my favorite character ever. I love making new friends, especially those who love the same things I do *Lifetime member of: ~*~*~*~*~Team Free Will~*~*~*~~*~*~* Team Destiel~*~TeamDamon~*~Team Badass~

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My J2 obsession  

#They are so hot and I love their smiles and omg they are just the best


My J2 obsession  I love how Jared acts like Jensen’s annoying younger brother, they are so freaking adorable together (and HOT!) 



                                           Happy Tuesday!

DEAN—Ugh. Shoulda cleaned the pipes.


DEAN—I, uh, I wish the pipes were cleaner.

My Dean obsession    endless∞spn caps  (No Exit 2x06)

I think Demon!Dean should have some required wardrobe changes…


I mean we all love Dean in plaid, and all of those shirts of his that are our favorites (*ahem* like the burgundy one)

But now that he is a Demon, I think until he is himself again he should be required to wear…

A crown, at least for part of one episodeimage

A TIGHT black v-neck t-shirt with even tighter jeansimage

A really hot suit (like Crowley, a dark fitted, hot villain type looking suit)imageBUT THE #1 Thing I want Demon!Dean to wear is….




ok  I want to add a few things but first I NEED TO STRESS that TANK TOPS would be great, the more I think about it, it should start like Season 4 did, he should be checking his hot self out in a mirror..

yes, SHIRTLESS…(also great would be no pants….) But after that I guess a wifebeater would be ok…like Tom in MBV, so hot! Plus, he was all hot and villain-y in his wifebeater

Someone mentioned he needed a throne, so besides the Impala I do not care what he sits in, as long as he is shirtless



My Jensen obsession   180/∞ Jensen + his sexy Porncouver lips


He thinks he’s adorable

no, he KNOWS he is

"That’s ectoplasm. Well, Sam, I think I know what we’re dealing with here. It’s the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man."

Sam & Dean Pics   endless∞spn caps  (No Exit 2x06)

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